What Are The Advantages Of Being A Realtor

Real estate is one of the most popular careers among the fresh graduates as well as professionals from other fields. The reason behind its popularity is high income and flexible schedule. The startup costs all across the country are pretty similar, and lower too. For example, someone who wants to be a realtor in New York would need to invest the same amount of money as someone in other parts of the country. It makes it pretty easy to start, even for the people with low income.

Here are some of the advantages that being a real estate agent gives you.


The Advantages:


  • Skills That Will Help You In Daily Life


Being a real estate agent gives you skills that are applicable in all aspects of life. You meet different kinds of clients every day who have different needs. And you are supposed to provide them solutions, which ultimately polishes you problems solving skills.

Some other skills that are associated with being a real estate agent are interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and marketing skills etc.


  • Easy To Start


Starting a career in real estate is pretty easy. All it requires is to have a high school diploma, pass the real estate exam and get the license. Once you get the license, you are a professional real estate agent. Easy, isn’t it?


  • High Income:


There are huge incomes involve in real estate. The way to make this income is easy too. All you have to do is to sell a house and get the commission. The more houses you sell, the more commission you would make, hence more money.

Now, if you are wondering about how the commission works, don’t worry! The example I am going to give will make it pretty easy for you.

Let’s say, a realtor in New York keeps 5% commission on each deal he makes. If he sells a house worth $200k, the commission he gets from that sale would be $10k. Half of that amount would be shared with buyer’s agent. Hence he gets to keep $5k from that deal.

So, the more deals close, more commission you are likely to make.


  • No Tight Schedule


There are no tight schedules in real estate. It’s not a 9-5 job, restricting you to the office for most part of the day. So enjoy working under your own schedule and say goodbye to the stress that comes with having a boss on your shoulders all time.


  • More Social Activity


Being a realtor means you are going to meet new people every day. You will be spending numerous hours with them while showing different properties. It results in an increased circle of influence and more social recognition than ever.

These are some of the advantages that being a realtor gives you. And these advantages are not restricted to a particular area. Realtors in all the areas of country enjoy the same. A realtor in New York will enjoy the same benefits as a realtor in New York. He would have same social activity and same schedule flexibility. So, stay in your favorite area, be an agent there and forget about moving somewhere else for your career growth.


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